Business Fanpage
Creating A Fan Page

FanPage or Fan Page is a specific page within Facebook aimed at companies, brands or products, associations, unions, freelancers, that is, any for-profit or non-profit organization wishing to interact and win customers through Facebook.

Utech Webdesign is a company specialized in the creation of FanPages and in the management of Social Networks. We develop your FanPage according to its characteristics, images, colors and content, promoting it to win several likes and followers, providing a direct channel with your target customers, people who have an interest in your products and services, and who will frequently follow all your publications, news and sales.

Through the creation of a FanPage on Facebook, you will be divulging and popularizing your brand, name, products, services and differentials, maintaining a close relationship with your customers and consumers, resulting in greater results and sales.

Therefore, having a FanPage is not a waste or an accessory, but a necessity that is part of the Digital Marketing strategy of a company, aiming at greater customer loyalty.

We provide full management of your FanPage with several options and packages for frequent follow-up and interaction with your target audience.

Creating a FanPage on Facebook is carried out in three Steps:


Creating and configurating the FanPage according to all information previously obtained.


Developing the custom layout, colors, shapes and insertions of texts and images.


Publicating according to the agreement with the client and the permission to access and manage the Fanpage given by the client, or by our team, according to the agreements made.

What is the difference between a FanPage and a Personal Profile on Facebook?

FanPage is a Facebook page with a specific interface to promote a company, promoting its brand, name, products, services, differentials, videos, among others. In it, you can choose a goal and aim for the target customer base you want to reach, and you can generate several followers interested in your type of business, product or service, in addition to being an excellent loyalty strategy that provides direct contact with its customers. You can also make various customizations; have reports with demographic data of your followers such as: age, sex, repercussion of your publications, number of visits, most commented posts, among other features that are only available for a FanPage. A Personal Profile is used by an individual to interact on Facebook with their friends and family with the purpose of having relationships, posting pictures, searching for entertainment, but not being able to promote himself as a FanPage. In addition, in the Personal Profile your friends can write in your timeline and post about various topics as well as videos and other things, in addition to having the maximum limit of up to 5000 friends. In a FanPage you can manage all posts and there is no limit to followers, among other advantages.

Do I need to manage my FanPage?

It is essential to have constant management in your FanPage, because through it you can promote your products, services, news, information, etc. frequently. Every user who likes and/or shares their publications, their entire network of friends and followers will see what has been liked/shared. Statistically speaking, if each user has 200 friends in their network, and only 50 of them like/share one of their publications, about 10,000 people will see their publication, like and share, that is, it is possible to reach a very large amount of people, strengthen your brand and promote your company. Therefore, it is not enough to have a FanPage, it is necessary to manage and take advantage of all the benefits and business possibilities that it can generate. In addition to the monitoring of messages received and comments from people being fundamental.

What benefits can a FanPage bring to your company?

A FanPage is your salesman twenty-four/seven, where anyone can access it and check the content, posts, information, publications, sales and so on. In it, you can explore various options, strengthen your brand, promote products and services in a given period and create a closer relationship with all your customers and followers, generating greater loyalty. Therefore, its main benefit is the amount of deals it can generate for its business when well managed and made the most of, since the number of people that are connected to Facebook is very large, and each user who likes one of their publications, their whole network of friends will see your advertisement. In that case, it is an excellent universe to be explored, mainly because it gives security to the user in hiring some services.