Utech Webdesign is a company specialized in the development of Virtual Stores and Electronic Catalogs. We use the main market platforms in the development of the Virtual Store or Electronic Catalog with all Optimization Techniques. We register your domain and host it. We create the e-mail accounts, we publish on the Internet, we provide monitoring reports and we manage and maintain everything.
We offer the customer the complete management of the Virtual Store and the Electronic Catalog to include products, prices, descriptions and etc. The Virtual Store is in a Safe Environment providing total security to the client regarding all his personal information.
Our Platform has a Mobile version, Integration with Facebook, Post Office, and the main means o payment today such as PayPal, Mercado Pago, Bcash, PagSeguro, among others.
We have a team with vast experience in the development of virtual store and electronic catalog, using all SEO optimization techniques, facilitating the indexing and positioning in the main search websites like Google.

The Development of the Virtual Store and Electronic Catalog is carried out in Four Steps:


The development of the Optimization Structure (SEO), Meta Tags, menus and categories according to the appropriate platform by the need and characteristics of the client.


Creating custom layout, colors, shapes and inserts of texts and images.


Customer training via Skype or phone calls to manage products, inclusions, descriptions, values ​​and so on.


Publication as approved by the customer.

What is the difference between a Virtual Store and an Electronic Catalog?

 The Virtual Store is a shopping window of products and services that enables the commercialization and conclusion of the purchase through the website, by various means of payment on the Internet. The Electronic Catalog is also a shopping window of products and services that makes it possible to search for prices of products and services; however, it does not end the purchase through the internet, it is necessary to contact the company directly.

Is it easy to manage a Virtual Store?

The management of products, descriptions, prices and orders is simple. However, it is necessary for the company to have a minimum structure to be prepared for the demand, because according to the results and number of orders, frequent monitoring is essential to not delay the delivery of products, stock updates and merchandise available to avoid the purchase of a product that has already been sold out, to make partnerships with carriers when the merchandise has a higher weight than permitted by post offices, price updates and so on

What benefits can a Virtual Store or Electronic Catalog bring to your Company?

Your Virtual Store or Electronic Catalog is your seller twenty-four/seven, where anyone can access it, check all the content, check for prices and purchase your offered products. Many people are currently concentrating their investments in a Virtual Store in order to avoid the big expenses with rent, employees and other costs, achieving excellent results without needing a physical store. However, your main benefit is the amount of deals that can be generated for your business when optimized and advertised over the internet, because instead of you fetching customers on a daily basis, customers will come to you. Also, it is important to point out that it is fundamental to promote the Virtual Store or Electronic Catalog so that it is found in the search results and generate many accesses and therefore sales, because if it is not found on the internet there will be no sales.