Hotsites and Landing Pages
What is
a Hotsite?

A Hotsite is a small website designed to present and highlight a communication action from a determined time. Hotsites have a fixed lifetime and are linked to a specific marketing or communication action, such as launching products or services, sales, events, and more.

What is
Landing a Page?

A Landing Page is defined as any page where a visitor enters your website, therefore the Home Page is not the only form of entry. Most of the time when we look for a term in the search engines, it is the links to the Landing Pages that take us to the specific place of the search, not to Home, where we would still have to search for the desired subject. In addition, Landing Page is also heavily used in the development of a specific page for a few e-mail marketing actions, Google ads and campaigns that require specific content.

Utech Webdesign is a company specialized in the creation of Hotsites and Landing Pages with a Mobile, tablet and mobile devices version. We use the main Market Platforms with facebook integration and with all Optimization Techniques. We host ,manage, divulge on the Internet. We provide follow-up reports and do all the management and maintenance necessary.
We have a team with a vast experience in creating Hotsites and Landing Pages, using all SEO optimization techniques, facilitating the indexing and positioning in major search engines like Google.

The Hotsite and Landing Page’s creation is carried out in three steps:


The structure’s development according to the appropriate platform regarding the client’s need and strategy, with the application of Optimization Techniques “SEO”;


Creating custom layout, colors, shapes and insertions of texts and images;


Posting and developing reports for monthly monitorings;

What is the difference between Hotsite and Landing Page?

Hotsites aims to promote, highlight or launch a product, service or sale through a seasonal action for a specific period, for example: a product on sale for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and etc. It is usually a website with only one page, with the content directed to a specific subject. The Landing Page has similar characteristics to a Hotsite, however, with the objective focused on sales, acquisition of Leads and to obtain information of the people interested in the product. Usually it is only a page, with the content directed to a specific subject, and clicking on the links will direct the user to a specific page within the website. In both cases, a new domain and domain extension is created.

What benefits can a Hotsite or Landing Page bring to your Company?

Hotsites or Landing Pages are your salesman 24/7. In it, you can explore sales campaigns, special dates, capture of Leads and give greater emphasis to products that you have in a large quantity in your inventory, having the amount of deals that it can generate for your company when well optimized and publicized by Internet the main benefit.

Is it possible to have multiple structures in Hotsites or Landing Pages at the same time?

Yes, you can create multiple Hotsites or Landing Pages for each given product as per your Marketing Strategy. In addition to that, it is also possible to create Hotsites or Landing Pages to use in sponsored links ads, e-mail marketing, or focusing on working on the optimization “SEO” of a given domain and product so that it obtains greater relevance in the search results on search sites.