SEO Websites Optimization

Utech is a company specialized in SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization). We have a team with a vast experience in the use of all Optimization Techniques in the website construction, aiming to attract more traffic in it, gaining greater relevance and positioning in the Natural (Organic) searches in the search websites like Google,Yahoo and Bing.
We also conduct SEO Consulting (Optimization) for customers who already own a website. We conduct a survey regarding all the changes and implementations necessary to optimize it. Our team can carry out implementations or we can provide a report, so that the client can arrange it with his team.
We have several packages and options for follow-ups and improvements in optimization work, performing new analysis with the competition, changes and inclusions always aiming to achieve greater relevance.

What We Do:

Competitor Analysis

We assess your competitors to see how they are performing and what you need to do to top them.

Extensive Keyword Research

We research keywords to find the best opportunities for connecting with your target audience and appearing in their search results.

Technical Website Audit

We implement technical upgrades that help your website meet the requirements and best practices set by Google.

Content Optimization

We expand site depth and build additional on-site content through a blog and targeted landing pages.

The “SEO” Site Optimization work is done in three steps:


Structure analysis required for the website, verification in the W3C Validator, definition of keywords, analysis in competitor websites that are already well positioned in the search engines, and analysis of the current positioning before the implementation of the necessary techniques;


Implementation of all necessary techniques, Metas Tags, Title, Keywords, Description, H1, ALT, Robots, Sitemaps, Friendly Url, Bold Words, Text and Content Suitability, Naming Images, configuring Google Analytics and more


Wait and monitor the results obtained and improvements in positioning. The deadline to reflect the first results may last up to three months.

Does SEO Optimization Work guarantee me the top position on Google?

It is not possible to guarantee a fixed position in the top positions in Google Natural search results, mainly because it is a free placement and has a ranking.
The Google search engine was developed with the aim of bringing the most assertive result to those who consult and not to those who advertise, and for this reason, it is not possible to guarantee, but it is possible to say that through Optimization Techniques your website will achieve better positioning, attracting more traffic, and can even reach privileged placements on the first page and top positions. In fact, Google alters its algorithms and relevancy criteria often, causing minor changes in organic search placements, so that everyone will invest in their paid ads through the Sponsored Links tool in Google Adwords. That is why it is a medium to long term job.

What criteria does Google consider relevant to position a website in Natural (Organic) search results?

Natural (Organic) search results?
Several considered criteria influence the ranking of a website in search engines. First of all, if the website complies with the rules of the W3C, with content and a Platform that the search engine robots can identify, verifying all the Metas Tags, Title, Keywords, Description, H1, ALT, Robots, Sitemaps and Friendly Url, All Texts, bold words highlighted on the website, Keyword Repetitions, domain existence time, number of hits on the website, verification if texts are original or copies, website weight and image size, quantity of links on the internet that mention the webite, relevance of the website on the Internet, PageRank, Website Speed, HTTPS, Hosting performance and a lot of others.

Is it necessary to have a frequent follow-up on SEO Optimization?

Yes, because every day new businesses come up, new websites are published, optimized and indexed within the search engine database. In fact, all the implementations carried out in a website need to be monitored to evaluate the result obtained and the ranking achieved, being necessary new adjustments and improvements aiming to continue gaining greater relevance in the search ranking.